Facts: Our client, a residential landlord, withheld portions of the security deposit as authorized by the lease agreement. The tenants sued arguing that they should have received their full security deposit and further argued that the portion withheld was done in violation of the Property Code. The tenants asked for 3 times the amount of the security deposit plus attorney’s fees.

Cause No. 1087021; In the County Court at Law No. 3 of Harris County, Texas

Amount Received: Confidential settlement


Facts: Our client was a business owner who hired contractors to build a luxury RV park. The contractors performed shoddy work and we filed suit. The earthwork contractor failed to follow the plan details regarding dirt compaction resulting in dirt sinking and causing damage to concrete and underground utilities. Defendants blamed our client for being cheap and not wanting to pay for appropriate soil reports and soil tests. After a 3-week trial, the jury found the earthwork contractor 100% responsible and awarded damages. Cause No. 2016-45691; , et al.; In the 269th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.

Result: Favorable jury verdict
Amount Received: Confidential Settlement


Facts: Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien asserted against it for $18,134.33. The claim was settled shortly after litigation began.

Facts: Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien claim asserted against it for $39,043.02. We discovered that only $8,298.23 of the claim related to materials delivered to our client’s property.

Amount Received: Settled for $10,000


Facts: Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien claim asserted against it for $37,168.72. We contested the lien notices that the claimant alleges were provided, as well as the lien itself. After we successfully defended a motion for summary judgment filed by the lien claimant, the lien claimant chose to dismiss
the suit.

Result: Claim for $37,168.72 dismissed after hard-fought summary judgmep motion was denied


Facts: Mechanic’s lien claim against owner of hotel $16,151.79. The lawsuit was filed after the statute of limitations had expired. The lien claimant agreed to take no further action, and the case was eventually dismissed as a result of such inaction.

Result: Claim for $16,151.79 was dismissed for want of prosecution.

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