Texas Real Estate Law Overview

Texas Real Estate Law

Whatever your real estate law needs, our Houston real estate attorneys can assist and guide you through the process. We work with sellers and buyers through various legal real estate issues to make transactions easier and protect their properties.

  • Do you need an attorney to prepare a deed transferring the title to your home?
  • Have you signed a rental or purchase agreement for your house requiring review?

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Common Real Estate Matters We Handle in Texas

Our attorneys help clients resolve real property issues in Texas involving sales, purchases, leases, and mortgages. We’ve done so for decades, helping people across Houston and Texas.

Purchase/Sale Contracts

You can find blank forms online, but they are often generic and may not fit your needs. A good real estate lawyer will help you prepare a contract for your home, including provisions for contingencies and closing costs. The best contracts allow you to negotiate all aspects of the deal before signing them. Our law firm can help you protect your interests and investments from the start.

Lease Contracts

Leases are complex legal documents that often contain ambiguous provisions. Pathways Property Lawyers reviews residential and commercial contracts to ensure they’re easy to understand. We’ll negotiate better terms. Our law practice represents both landlord and tenant in protecting their interests.

Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Licenses

To protect themselves against unpaid mechanics and material men, property owners must make sure that they pay their bills promptly. If they do not, then contractors may be able to file a lien against their properties. Our attorneys can assist homeowners, as well as contractors, in such situations. We can also remove liens when problems get resolved and settled.

Construction Contracts

Contracting in Houston is booming. New homeowners and business owners should know how to draft and negotiate contracts with various parties involved in the building project. We can help you avoid problems during the contract drafting and negotiation stages. Read more about construction law.

Transferring Title to Real Estate

We can help you navigate purchasing a home or commercial property and transferring titles. Our Houston legal team has considerable experience drafting contracts and negotiating transactions. We also provide title searches and the transfer of titles to heirs upon death.

Deeds Restrictions

Unreasonable deed restrictions can damage property value and infringe on an owner’s legal obligations, but we are here to help. Our Houston real estate team understands both sides of a deed restriction dispute, so you know where you stand in protecting what is rightfully yours regarding real estate law.

Real Estate Litigation

You may have to go to court when real estate issues cannot resolve amicably. Although you may wish to avoid litigation altogether, there are cases where protecting your home and property can only happen in the courtroom. However, you are not alone. With the help of an experienced attorney at Pathways Property Lawyers, we can help you fight back against any unwanted actions taken against your home or commercial property.

Our law firm can help with many different real estate issues, including:

  • Disputes with homeowners’ associations
  • Disputes regarding easement placement
  • Foreclosure
  • Eviction
  • Property management issues

How Can We Help?

If you need assistance with a deed transfer, rental agreement, or any other real estate law issue, our attorneys can help with nearly any matter regarding Texas real estate law!

Pathways Property Lawyers is a distinguished law firm experienced in protecting the interests of real estate buyers and sellers for over two decades. Our legal team can handle all courtroom proceedings when real estate negotiations and dispute resolution fails.

In addition, our lawyers can help with purchase/sale contracts, lease contracts, construction contracts, transferring title to real estate property, deed restrictions, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Pathways Property Lawyers is a distinguished Houston law firm experienced in protecting the interests of real estate buyers and sellers for over two decades! Our legal team offers innovative solutions to safeguard your properties from harm.

If negotiations break down, our trained attorneys can handle all types of courtroom proceedings for clients seeking justice for their property matters. Our real estate lawyers are experienced litigators who know how to win cases. When real estate negotiations and dispute resolution fails, our Houston real estate attorneys can fight for you and protect your interests in a courtroom.

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All Houston residents, homeowners, businesses and invstors can benefit from having an experienced real estate lawyer on their side. Real estate matters can significantly impact your life and your long-term goals. At Pathways Property Lawyers, our attorneys know that businesses and homeowners need someone fighting for them during these difficult times.

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Pathways Property Lawyers

At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston attorneys are here to answer all your legal questions and help you protect your rights regarding personal, business, commercial or investment properties. Call us or fill out our confidential contact form to learn more about your legal options.

Our law firm has considerable experience in Texas real estate law. We advise our clients on issues related to real estate transactions and litigation throughout Southeast Texas. In addition to real estate, our Houston lawyers have experience in other related areas of law, such as family law, business law, estate planning and probate. This allows us to assist clients with all related legal issues, and to take an holistic approach to your specific matter.


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