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Are conflicts arising with your neighbor over boundary lines and property rights? Are you unsure how to handle them or what rights you may have?

Boundary disputes, land disputes, and ownership issues are common in many real estate cases. These disputes can take many forms, from verbal disagreements over the location of a fenceline to more complicated matters such as disagreements over adjoining easements or property lines.

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Sometimes, you can resolve these disputes through mediation or a simple negotiation between neighbors. However, if the disagreement escalates or cannot be settled on its own, it might require the help of an experienced Houston property litigation attorney with experience handling property and boundary dispute resolution.

Why Choose Our Houston Real Estate Litigation Attorneys?

At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston real estate litigation attorneys have an extensive understanding of real estate law and the experience and resources needed to handle these complex cases. Our attorneys have represented Houston residents, businesses, and property owners for over two decades in a wide range of property and boundary disputes.

Our law firm represents clients of all sizes, from private individual owners to major developers, in various real estate disputes, including breach of contract, landlord-tenant issues, title disputes, and boundary disputes. Our years of experience in real estate litigation help us develop the most effective strategies that help our clients achieve successful outcomes.

What Are Property and Boundary Disputes?

A property dispute is a legal disagreement regarding the rights or interests of involved parties related to an owner of land or real estate. These disputes often become very difficult and complicated when involving multiple voices, such as individuals, businesses, and municipalities. Generally, property disputes result from disagreements about the title, use rights, boundaries, payment/compensation for damage, etc., and legal action may be necessary in some cases.

A boundary dispute is a disagreement between two or more persons or entities regarding where the boundary lines of property should be located. Boundary disputes can arise between individuals, businesses, and governments and may involve various issues, including associated property rights or resource access. Such disputes are typically resolved through mediation or court proceedings.

Common Types of Property Disputes

At Pathways Property Lawyers, we handle a wide range of property and boundary disputes, including, but not limited to, the following:

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract in real estate boundary and property disputes occurs when a party fails to perform their duties specified by the agreement. This can include failure to pay rent, provide services within an agreed timeframe, or meet contractual obligations outlined in the contract. Depending on the severity of the breach, legal action may be necessary to protect both parties’ interests.

Easement Disputes

An easement dispute is a disagreement between two people or entities over the rights to use a specific piece of land, usually stemming from one party having or claiming an easement on the other’s land. Easements are legal agreements that allow access and use of the property for another person (or business) and are commonly used to provide passage to private driveways, utilities, pipelines, etc. Easements can also arise without an agreement, such as an easement by necessity, which arises when a portion of property is sold that does not have access to public roads or utilities. Disputes over easements can occur when landowners disagree over what is outlined in the agreement or the existence of the easement.

Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud is an illegal activity involving any aspect of real estates, such as buying, selling, trading, or managing real estate. It may involve manipulating documents, misrepresenting facts, bribery, and other trickery to gain property assets from an unknowing party. Real estate fraud can occur against individuals and businesses alike.

Co-Owner Disputes

Co-owner disputes in real estate arise when two or more people own a property jointly and disagree about various matters such as how to divide the income, whether to lease or sell, who will make decisions on expenses, or when one of the owners wants to end their half interest in the property. These disagreements may result in costly legal battles over rightful ownership and profits. To avoid these issues, co-owners must establish an agreement that outlines expectations about decision-making and ownership.

What Can You Do About a Property Dispute With a Neighbor?

If you are experiencing a property dispute with your neighbor, you must contact a real estate litigation lawyer to explore all your legal options. At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston real estate litigation lawyers will help you understand your rights and can advise you on how to proceed at each step of the dispute resolution process. Additionally, if necessary, we will contact your HOA and your neighbor’s legal team to resolve the matter.

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How Can We Help In a Property Dispute?

Our Houston property dispute attorneys can provide legal advice and representation related to residential or commercial property disputes. They can help advise you on your best course of action when negotiating with a third party, filing a lawsuit, and helping you agree with the other parties involved.

Your attorney will review your contracts and see if there are any inconsistencies or oversights that could be used in negotiations. Additionally, they can represent you both in and out of court as needed.

Does Title Insurance Cover Property Disputes?

Title insurance can protect against potential issues that a title search alone may not bring to light, such as undetected liens or errors in public records. When you purchase title insurance, you get peace of mind knowing your title is free and clear.

However, title insurance does not always cover property disputes. While title insurance companies can sometimes defend you in a boundary dispute, it is best to consult with an experienced Houston real estate litigation attorney when so much is at stake.

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All Houston residents, homeowners, and businesses with property boundary disputes need someone on their side fighting for their rights. Boundary disputes can cause headaches for all parties involved. It can also make buying, selling, or improving your property difficult. At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston real estate litigation attorneys know that businesses and homeowners need someone fighting for them during these difficult times.

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