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When it comes to real estate investments, disputes between co-owners, such as divorce and inheritance issues, can cost time, money, and significant heartache. What options do co-owners have for settling such disputes?

Co-owner disputes are a common issue within real estate matters. Many of these cases involve the inheritance of land from deceased family members or the distribution of assets during a divorce. These issues can quickly become complex when the parties involved need help to agree on an equitable solution.

Partitioning property is one way to resolve impasses involving co-ownership of real estate assets. While partition may be the right option in some cases, it can be an effective route when all else fails.

However, there are nuances and potential pitfalls of partitioning property in co-owner disputes. An experienced Houston partition lawyer will know best how to approach these challenging situations with your best interests in mind.

Understanding Co-Ownership Rights

Co-owners of property in Houston have certain rights that must be respected during real estate disputes. These include:

  • The right to access and inspect the property
  • The right to make decisions regarding its use, development, or sale
  • The right to receive a proportionate share of income generated by the property.
  • The right to equal protection from any wrongful actions taken by other co-owners which would cause them harm or loss.
  • The right to reasonable notice before you take any action regarding your joint property ownership.
  • The right to obtain the legal representation of your choosing.

Texas law will not force a co-owner of a property to maintain ownership if they do not want to. Joint property owners may request a partition of that property under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

What is Partition, and How Can It Benefit Your Case?

Partition is a legal process that allows co-owners of real property to obtain a court order to divide or sell the property. This process is often necessary because disagreements between co-owners can become complicated and protracted. The court will decide how much each owner will receive from the sale based on investment contributions and other factors. It can be lengthy, but our Houston partition attorneys can help resolve disputes between real estate co-owners.

Texas has two main types of partitions: partition in kind or partition by sale. In a partition by sale, the court essentially forces the sale of the property so that each owner can walk away with their own share. In a partition by kind, the land or property is physically divided.

Is a Partition Right For Me?

It depends on your circumstances. A partition dispute in a co-ownership real estate dispute is a way to divide the property among all owners, allowing each owner to keep a certain percentage of ownership and thus benefit from it.

It may be right for you if you want to preserve your relationship with the other co-owners or if money could be a problem in resolving the dispute through courts or private negotiations.

You can only seek a partition if there is a common title and if the title is not in dispute. Title disputes must get resolved before you can seek a partition.

You should consult a real estate attorney at our law firm to ensure that this option best suits your needs.

How Can Our Houston Real Estate Co-Owner Dispute Attorney Help?

At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston co-owner dispute lawyers can help resolve all types of property disputes. We can negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court to protect your ownership and your rights.

Our firm’s real estate co-owner dispute litigation attorneys in Houston can provide invaluable assistance regarding property disputes with co-owners. We have experience in the intricate and often complex details of owning and managing a shared property. From legal expertise involving leases, subleases, mortgages, and contracts to resolving simple misunderstandings between parties, we will help find the best solutions for all involved.

When you call our Houston co-owner dispute lawyers, we will advise on ownership rights to the property, responsibilities outlined in relevant documents, and other matters. We can even analyze evidence to provide the best possible legal outcome.

Contact Our Houston Property Co-Ownership Lawyers

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