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Our Houston real estate lawyers know that the business of real estate can be complex and confusing. From residential matters, to complex commercial property litigation our attorneys nearly all maters regarding real estate & real property law in Houston.
We handle matters including:
  • Acquisition and sale of residential or commercial property
  • Real estate disputes & litigation
  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements
  • Reviewing title documents
  • Proper business entity formation and agreements for property partnerships and investments
In addition to our transactional capabilities, we can also handle litigation matters when the situation becomes adversarial. We have represented: Property owners, Investors, Business partners and Realtors

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    Unfortunately, not all real estate transactions are successful, resulting in losses and damage to property, tangible or intangible.

    Pathways Property Lawyers offers legal representation in real estate transactions and litigation matters to individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Texas. Contact a Houston real estate lawyer from our office today to discuss your specific matter. Our Houston real estate attorneys are legal professionals who focus in all legal aspects of real estate transactions and litigation. Pathways Property Lawyers provides legal advice and representation to clients in connection with the purchase, sale, leasing, and financing of real estate properties.

    We handle a wide variety of legal matters related to real estate, such as drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, negotiating terms and conditions, reviewing and interpreting title documents, handling closing procedures, and addressing any issues that may arise during a real estate transaction. We may also be able to help clients with zoning and land use issues, and provide advice on compliance with state and local laws and regulations. Additionally, a real estate lawyer may assist clients in disputes and filing or defending against a real estate related lawsuit.

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    At Pathways Property Lawyers, our Houston attorneys are here to answer all your legal questions and help you protect your rights regarding personal, business, commercial or investment properties. Call us or fill out our confidential contact form to learn more about your legal options.

    Our law firm has considerable experience in Texas real estate law. We advise our clients on issues related to real estate transactions and litigation throughout Southeast Texas. In addition to real estate, our Houston lawyers have experience in other related areas of law, such as family law, business law, estate planning and probate. This allows us to assist clients with all related legal issues, and to take an holistic approach to your specific matter.


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